Nate Regier "Compassionate Accountability"

September 18, 2023

Nate Regier, Ph.D., is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership consulting and training firm helping build cultures of compassionate accountability. Dr. Regier is a former practicing psychologist and expert in social-emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, conflict skills, and leadership. Recognized as a Top 100 keynote speaker, he is a Process Communication Model® Certifying Master Trainer. Nate is the author of four books: Beyond Drama; Conflict without Casualties; Seeing People Through; and his newest book, Compassionate Accountability. He hosts a podcast called “On Compassion with Dr. Nate,” writes a weekly blog, contributes to multiple industry publications, and is a regular guest on podcasts

Never before in our history has the need for compassion AND accountability been greater. Everything from attracting and retaining top talent to the success of your inclusion initiatives to your ability to innovate and adapt depends on it. Compassionate Accountability® is the new core competency and the next differentiator for great leadership. Nate Regier, Ph.D. will share the genesis of his new book, already an Amazon best-seller, including a sneak peek inside, and some examples of how compassionate accountability can transform relationships, teams, and work cultures. Signed copies are available at Watermark Books. Or, order from your favorite bookseller in advance and get it signed after his presentation.



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