Patrick Sehl, Jr. Director of Reality U at the Pando Initiative

August 2, 2021

Patrick Sehl, Jr is the Director of Reality U at The Pando Initiative. Patrick connects to students across the state of Kansas in middle and high schools by championing the idea that their effort in school really does matter. By engaging students in an interactive way during Reality U, he assists them in planning for their future through learning about financial literacy.

Patrick may be originally from the West Coast, but he has established roots in Kansas for the last 22 years. He believes it’s easy to love the mountains or the beach but it takes a soul to love the prairie. He enjoys watching his boys play soccer and listening to his little girl play piano. He also just adopted a kitten from the Kansas Humane Society named “Maui” who is a 1 pound creature of pure raw fighting power. Maui is the runt of the litter and reminds him why he loves fighting for the underdog

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Patrick Sehl

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