Mark Boline Phonograms 101: An Undiscovered World

September 13, 2021

Mark teaches reading with a focus on assisting parents. His talk will focus on his teaching history, how he discovered this program, what the program entails, and how parents can use it to teach their children to read.

After spending five years in the Air Force, Mark entered Emporia State University, where he earned his teaching degree. He taught five years of first grade and then one of fourth and one of fifth. It was during this time he learned the power of the phonograms. After teaching he transitioned into the IT world. With the skills learned there, he created a reading program on CD that he’s sold on eBay for many years. Mark has three children, ages 21, 18 1nd 6, all of whom he taught to read using the phonograms. They are all very successful in school and he believes a big part of that was their reading ability.

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Mark Boline

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