Brian Nastase: Killing the Boy Scouts

May 16, 2022

Brian Nastase is a resident of the greater Wichita area and serves the commu-nity as the Scout Executive of the Quivira Council Boy Scouts of America. His 25 years with the Boy Scouts of America have taken him to South Dakota, Ne-braska and Michigan before settling in Kansas. Brian is a 1987 Eagle Scout from Troop 395 in Omaha Nebraska, a past ropes course director, camp director, camp business manager and started in the Scouting profession following college. He and his wife Colleen of 28 years have 3 grown boys all living in Michigan. His mission is helping communities thrive by teaching youth and families, ethical decision making and changing lives. Brian’s greatest accom-plishment was helping start a Scout Troop in Omaha with the Sudanese community and every year they turn out Eagle Scouts that have learned how to give back, take responsibility for their actions, stand up for others, live a faith driven life and respect others that might not look or think the same way.
Brian has lived his life with faith and perseverance that has guided his career with the Boy Scouts of America while under attack from all sides of politics, culture, litigation, and a pandemic to boot

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